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Concerts this week

Two of my favorite new(ish) bands are playing at Great American this week: Criteria and The Constantines.

If you work in my office, you can preview music from them on my iTunes share. I have the new Criteria CD and the second to last Constantines record (I need to get the new one that just came out Tuesday). Before you tune in, please note that I prefer Criteria's first CD to this new one, and recommended Constantines tracks include all but the first one.

If you're not in my office, you can check out links in my latest SFist.com post, and also enter to win tickets and CDs. Please only enter if you live in the SF bay area though, and no preference will be given to friends and/or coworkers who enter.



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Oct. 14th, 2005 01:26 am (UTC)
I enjoyed The Constantines album but I was having trouble getting used to the voice of the lead singer - I was having a fine time when he wasn't singing though.

I know I heard Cut Copy at your desk the other day but the laptop speakers simply didn't do it justice. It is teh awesome with headphones. I'm especially fond of DD-5 and how it leads in to the begining of That Was Just a Dream. I've been rocking out to this all day.
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