Krissy (ljkrissy) wrote,

extra helpings of Sufjan? yes please.

Last night was my 2nd night in the 5-nights-in-a-row music madness week.

I got hooked up for free entry to see Sufjan Stevens at Great American via and Emily, one of our writers. Emily told me that only my name would be on the guest list (no +1) so I didn't bring any guests.

This is a first: When I got to the will call window at Great American, it turned out that I had a +2. (Usually you end up with fewer guest list spots than you expected, not more.) So I made two people's night by handing them free tickets. Good karma all around, and the show was amazing. Sufjan is a genius.

Tonight (night #3) I'll be seeing as much of The Shout Out Louds and Secret Machines at the Fillmore as I can, before I leave to support my pal John Doe at The Knitters show at Great American.


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