August 16th, 2005


Is Nike speaking your language?

Hot on the heels of Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign, Nike has a total light bulb explosion moment and puts (gasp!) a big-ish butt in their latest campaign. (The model still appears to be rather lean and muscular.)

David Kiley at BusinessWeek calls it revolutionary.
Holly Buchanan's blog says nice try, but that Nike's still a little off base in the actual message.

These pundits attribute marketing to women of varying & realistic sizes as showing "empathy". But is Nike showing empathy, or just realizing they could (and should) be marketing to a more diverse group of customers?

I tend to agree with Holly's take on it, but bad form on the posting style. She really needs to re-read "Your IM Conversations Aren't Interesting" by my good pal Alex Blagg.
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