July 29th, 2005


I love the sound of Major in the morning...

It's been nearly two weeks since Major visited us in the office, but he's back today much to my delight. One of my favorite sounds in life is the sound of a dog's paws scrabbling across the floor as it turns a corner in a full run. Whenever I hear that sound, I know somebody's having a really good time.
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all hail CHARO!

In perhaps what might be my proudest moment as Music Editor of SFist...

Please read MattyMatt's interview with Charo.

When Charo's publicist contacted me, I must admit I wasn't man enough to tackle interviewing Charo myself (I was too intimidated).  But I didn't relent until I found the bravest SFist on our team, MattyMatt, and harangued him into accepting the challenge. He is now my hero.  We can't wait to go see her at Herbst on 8/6.

Says Charo"Hello! I am so happy to be bringing original music of today for dancing! I am performing a new style, neosalsa and neoflamenco, because every day I want to improve myself, tomorrow when I wake up I am searching for something better. I'm going to have a bigger thing, ahead of our time, if you love dancing, you gonna wow!"