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For rodluvan

This photo of the Swedish things on my desk shelf at work is for my friend rodluvan in Sweden.  :)

Beds Are Burning

Since coffeechica  nudged me, I figured I needed to post here!

This video is for the young lad burr86  who has never heard this song.

I'm updating far more regularly on my blog art is the new religion, please visit me there!

On Vox: Planet Unicorn + ANTM

Jay reminded me about the Planet Unicorn series, so I had to catch up on the latest episodes.  This episode about "America's Next Top Model" is my new favorite:

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On Vox: Internet Radio At My Fingertips

I just figured out I can customize my Windows Live sidebar thinger on my work laptop.  At first I thought, woo great, now I have a clock and the current temperature on my desktop (boring!)  But then I browsed through the widgets you can download and discovered this ugly but handy little guy (thanks to Michael for making it):

Oh hai, internet radio at my fingertips!  You can customize your buttons, which I've done for about half of them so far.  This means that I can click around to BAGeL, KEXP, KCRW at will by the click of a button!* 


Other than BAGEeL, KCRW and KEXP - oh, and I'm about to add SOMA - what are the other wonderful internet radio stations I need to add?

And does the KEXP stream cut out intermittently for the rest of you like it's doing for me?

*I'm sure there are five more elegant options that I don't know about and that Macs handle this much better than a PC, blah blah blah, but I found this option and it made me happy so don't burst my bubble!  That said, I'm open to suggestions.


Originally posted on krissy.vox.com

On Vox: Ask Mr. Owl

After I've opened about 40+ tabs in Firefox, it gets me wondering...

"Mr. Owl, how many tabs can you open in Firefox before it crashes?"

Also wondering: why don't they make commercials as awesome as this anymore?

Originally posted on krissy.vox.com

On Vox: Online Dictionaries

I visit dictionary.com several times a day when I'm writing -- I'm kind of addicted to looking up the exact definitions of words.  (Did you know that "ravel" and "unravel" have the same definition?  This thrills me.) 

But lately I've been getting really annoying pop-under ads when I click anywhere on a dictionary.com page.  Um, no thanks!  I need a different solution.

What online dictionary do you use?

Originally posted on krissy.vox.com

Out Of Touch

This is for burr86. I don't exactly remember this remix...

I love Peanuts

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